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What could Mountain Valley Motors *do* to make me so mad? 
Well, it's not entirely the cost of doing business with them (The truck is going to cost me $3,000 by the time it's completely safe to drive (*pre-existing airbag defect in particular and the uncertainty of running out of gas in an untoward location), but the dishonesty in the face of my complete trust after so many auto purchases. I was *really* taken-advantage-of and frankly, it made me feel stupid for having trusted them. And their total ignorance of my calls and messages makes them look like little boys dropping the shutters in their little tree fort. Is that how they'll handle your callback for a problem with YOUR purchase? I will bet it is. Their dismissal of my problems is annoying to say the least. It makes me hope that every dollar I spent burns their fingers with every expenditure. Ill-gotten gains. I didn't negotiate. Paid asking price, because I felt like supporting their business and I figured they were on point as far as fair market value. I still have not checked that because I'd wager they pounded me on that. I am the BEST customer for an unethical, poorly run business. I am the guy who puts up trust and gets plundered as if I am ignorant.

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