Finding Cool Dog Beds and Carpeted Pet Stairs.

So there comes a time when you need to find a set of stairs or a ramp to help your dog get up onto the bed? I mean, if your dog sleeps on the bed.  So what I've done is curated a mess of dog beds and steps that are functional, well rated, and attractive.

How To Tell If Your Koi Food Is Good Or Bad?

How Can You Tell If Your Koi Food is Good Or Bad? Do You Know How To Read and Assess A Koi Food Label? Is Your Koi Food Priced On Par With Better Foods? is a curated web site where Dr Erik Johnson rates and assesses more than twenty Koi Foods and teaches about

Axolotl Content

Visit for a lot of interesting stuff. Just today I'm uploading a LOT of Axolotl content in a hugely Video format. All the clicking has been done for you and the videos are the best of the best.  I hope you like it.

Axolotl: Not a Little But a Lottle

Axolotls are a mix between a Pokemon, the Dragon from "How To Train a Dragon" and well, that. Cute and adorable. Interesting and now, coming out in more and more great colors and sizes.  Axolotls are the "neotinic" form of Salamanders. The form BEFORE they drop their gills and become salamanders. They’re laid as eggs

Renal Disease in Dogs: TUMS?

Kidney Failure in Dogs How to Improve the Survival of Dogs With Kidney Failure Hyperphosphataemia in patients with chronic kidney disease, particularly those on dialysis, can be ameliorated by oral phosphate binders in conjunction with dietary phosphate restriction. Although phosphate binders reduce serum phosphate in these patients, it remains uncertain whether they improve clinical outcomes.

What to Do About Cats Peeing Outside the Box

Cat Box Problems Inappropriate Elimination in Cats My Cat Pees Outside the Litter Pan Cats that pee outside the litter pan may have a simple "issue" that is fixed by a very simple solution. A bigger litter pan. Did you know there was a study that revealed a 75+% successful method to get a cat

Disinfect Dog Mouths: Fight Infections

How to Improve or Fix Bad Breath In Dogs or  How to Prevent Vegetative Endocardiosis (Bacterial Heart Valve Flap Disease) In Dogs Infections Spreading from Mouth to Lungs and Heart in Dogs.  Wow! I just found out Oxyfresh is available on Amazon!  For oral infections: I've been recommending it to clients for literally YEARS except

Mountain Valley Motors Blue Ridge GA 30513

Update: Thanks Mountain Valley and Jason Neal So, I bought a used truck from the Mountain Valley Motors dealership I had bought from since 1999. I didn't kick tires or haggle. I just signed and drove away as I always do. (My ninth car from them)  But there were problems. Lots of problems.  I called

Mountain Valley Motors Furthermore

What could Mountain Valley Motors *do* to make me so mad?  Well, it's not entirely the cost of doing business with them (The truck is going to cost me $3,000 by the time it's completely safe to drive (*pre-existing airbag defect in particular and the uncertainty of running out of gas in an untoward location),