Mountain Valley Motors Blue Ridge GA 30513

Update: Thanks Mountain Valley and Jason Neal So, I bought a used truck from the Mountain Valley Motors dealership I had bought from since 1999. I didn't kick tires or haggle. I just signed and drove away as I always do. (My ninth car from them)  But there were problems. Lots of problems.  I called

Mountain Valley Motors Furthermore

What could Mountain Valley Motors *do* to make me so mad?  Well, it's not entirely the cost of doing business with them (The truck is going to cost me $3,000 by the time it's completely safe to drive (*pre-existing airbag defect in particular and the uncertainty of running out of gas in an untoward location),

What is the Most Important Fish Water Quality Parameter?

Some would argue that it's Ammonia. The FIRST product of the nitrogen cycle and the primary waste product of fish.  Environmental Threats to Goldfish Health. Youtube Video about Ammonia with Dr Erik Johnson Goldfish health is impacted by far more than just the ‘way’ we care for the fish, or the parasites they may contract.

Fungal Infections In Koi and Pond Fish: White Cottony Growths

Fungal Infections Fungal infections in Goldfish are relatively common, but they always tend to represent the same thing. First, let’s talk about the clinical appearance of a fungal infection. The gross visualization of what appears to be a fungal infection is an unreliable means of diagnosis. Fungal infections usually appear as small to large tufts

Protein in Koi and Pondfish Food

What Protein is and does Protein is what your cells are made of. If it's a cell, it is made of protein. The most numerous cells that are made of, and thus supply the most protein are muscle cells. But one must also remember that red blood cells and infection fighting white cells are also

Flukes or Trematodes in Koi and Fish Ponds

Flukes Monogenetic trematodes are a separate class of parasites from ciliated protozoans. The monogenea do not have an intermediate life cycle off the fish. Those trematodes that do are called Digenetic trematodes, and use a bird or a snail as an intermediate host. These are not a considerable pathogen of Goldfish and so we are

Tadpoles and the Pond

Tadpoles Controlling amphibians is not easy – but hatcheries try to control them, especially tadpoles, because the tadpoles take up space and use valuable resources in terms of oxygen, food, while contributing to waste production, for no net financial gain for the farmer.  Control: The growers try their hardest to catch the tadpoles while in

Mountain Valley Motors Blue Ridge GA 30513

#usedcars #blueridgegeorgia #mountainvalleymotors #dealerintegrity Not much to say after Roy Aderhold left. I've bought EIGHT cars from these guys since 1999, never haggled, bought some (new) cars sight unseen (FOUR Jeep Wranglers, two Durangos, a Ram 1500, a Ram 2500). Well then on Dec 31 2017, I bought a used truck. I wanted to give

Use of Salt Against Parasites

This may be the most important article / video folks will see this Spring because for a LOT of people with sick fish, SALT at 0.3% may be the fastest and easiest way to limit fish losses AFTER testing the water to make sure it's not as simple as a low pH (ha ha ha)